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Grass Seed & Drills
Trees & Planting
Contolled Burning
Feeders & Food
Grass Seed & Drills
Trees & Planting
Contolled Burning
Food Plots & Feeders

Habitat and conservation products and services through your website to earn 5% from all proceeds as a fundraiser or extra income!

  • Native Grass Seed
  • Wildflower Seed
  • Food Plots
  • Waterfowl Food Plots
  • Wildlife Feeders
  • Waterfowl Nests
  • Consulting, Planning
    & Design
  • Site Preparation
  • Planting
  • Maintenance

  • Pheasants
  • Deer
  • Turkey
  • Grouse
  • Waterfowl

How does it work?

A web site will be set up for your organization in cooperation with PLM. This web site will be able to advertize upcoming events (banquets, shows, open houses, etc.) as well as news...but your clients and members will also be able to order habitat and conservation products and services directly through your organization's web site. All transactions are tracked and reported monthly from an accredited and secured e-commerce organization. Commissions are paid monthly (processed on the 1st and paid on the 15th).

How much does it cost?

There is a monthly rental of the website but that will be deducted from your monthly there is nothing out of pocket! Gaurantee...if there is not enough revenue in a month, we will carry it over. If there isn't enough ever, there is still no cost. This is a no-risk gaurantee...we want it to work for you.

We recommend you to promote your website any chance you get...through advertising, posters, flyers, newsletters, banquet programs, and even business cards with your web site address on it...hand them out and get the word out!

How do we get started?
Simply contact your PLM Private Lands Consultant and let them know you would like to join. There is a one page information sheet and agreement for services. Included in this information sheet is a request for your web site address. For example... or or , etc. Have fun brainstorming on what best fits your organization but make sure to keep it simple so people can remember your site.

Fundraiser and Turn-key Services... from your own website!

  • No inventory necessary
  • No inventory necessary
  • No staff needed...all orders are processed and delivered
  • Web page designed for clients and members to view current and future events as well as purchase habitat products and services
  • Earned dollars can stay local
  • Free proposals for products and services or your clients and members can order from your website
  • Increase your ability to provide "turn key" service to clients and members
  • Value add services for greater product and service benefits for clients and members
  • Professional, timely and quality conservation and habitat assistance to your members
  • "Clearing House" of information on landuse options, programs and habitat design
  • Getting habitat and conservation on the land as a fundraiser while doing something you enjoy!
  • Staff are available as volunteers for events, fundraisers and for presentations

PLM has over 90 years of combined experience working with native grasses, wildflowers, trees, food plots and other aspects of habitat management with over 150,000 acres planted to date. PLM can cooperate with your organization to provide a greater benefit to your customers…an added marketing edge and turn-key service as a fundraiser and getting more done on the land.

Partner with PLM to raise income for your Club,
Organization or Retail Store

Contact PLM for more information and to get your web site and fundraiser going…


We can help you with…
- Income options on your land
- Improve farming efficiency
- Funding for habitat projects
- Design of "Ultimate Habitats"
- Attract and hold more wildlife
- Working for YOU!

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