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Free Property Assessment

  • Attract and Hold more wildlife to your property
  • Create a wildlife haven with ultimate habitats
  • Explore income and cost share options
  • Potentially have habitat projects paid is possible

PLM will provide you with a free review of your property (free after rebate) to see what the options and potentials are as well as what the limiting factors are and what needs to be done to improve your property's ability to "Attract and Hold more Wildlife." We will also explore all options to improve the farm/ranch efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Cost - FREE with a product/service rebate.

 $300 Review and Assessment
-$300 Product/Service Rebate
 $0.00 Final Cost ($300 at increments of 200 ac)

This is a great win-win offer. You will need the food plot seed, native grass seed and/or trees anyway and we have all of these items affordably priced.

  • Enter the information below and submit.
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Your product/service rebate can be used at any time on any product or future service.

Property Assessment Form
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Property Location
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owned this property?
*If you own land in multiple locations, please enter a request for each individually.
Total Acres:
Total Tillable:
Rent per Acre:
Total Pasture or Hay:
Rent Per Acre:
Total Woods:
Total Water:

What wildlife do you want to manage for? (list from lowest to highest interest):

Have you done any habitat projects yet? If yes, please summarize:

What would you like to have done or what would you like to accomplish as your goals?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Prairie Land Management
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